By the middle of the 1980's, Canada's national passenger system, VIA Rail, was in need of new motive power to replace their aging first generation fleet of F-Units. They turned to General Motors to provide them with a suitable replacement. The F40PH-2 began delivery to VIA Rail in 1986, with a total of 59 units delivered by the end of 1989. Now over 20 years old, these locomotives are in the process of being rebuilt with the hopes of keeping them in service for another 20 years.

Shortly after the purchase of the F40 locomotives, VIA also began to go shopping for more passenger cars to fill out its ranks. They purchased a number of second hand passenger cars from US railroads, including Amtrak, and had all of them refurbished by AMF in Montreal. These have become known as the HEP-2 passenger cars, and are most often used in the Quebec City - Windsor Corridor.

The Quebec City - Windsor Corridor is the busiest stretch of railway line in Canada, covering hundreds of miles of territory, and passing through a number of major Canadian cities, including Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto. VIA Rail generates most of their revenues from the Corridor trains, and they run several in each direction every day of the week. This package includes 2 consists, in typical Corridor configurations. One is a 5 car configuration, with a single F40, operating in Head End Power (HEP) mode. The other is a push-pull 10 car trainset with one F40 on each end.

Product Features

  • VIA F40PH-2 Locomotives(2 liveries)
  • 3 85' Budd/AMF Coaches (HEP-2)
  • Day/Night Cabviews
  • High Quality Audio and Physics
  • 2 Ready to Run Consists

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Train Simulator (1.0 or higher)
  • 128 MB 3D video hardware acceleration or better
  • 25 MB of available hard disk space
  • Remaining minimum hardware requirements same as Microsoft® Train Simulator base requirements
  • MSTSbin (optional - recommended for improved performance and physics handling)